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  • Construction Failure Analysis
  • Provided Professional Engineering Services: Structural, Civil, Soils, Petrography (Concrete), Metallurgical and Microbiology (Mold) Analysis
  • Estimates for Replacement Cost Value, Depreciation Costs and Actual Cash Value for Claims caused by Fire, Water, Collapse, or other Structural Defects.
  • Storm Damage Appraisals.
  • Review Public Adjusters’ Scope of Work and Estimates for Repairs.
  • Negotiate Claims on behalf of Insurance Carriers and their Adjusters.
  • Act as Arbitrators/Umpires/Referee in Claims that have gone to “Appraisal”.
  • Assist in Legal Defense Preparation for Insurers and ReInsurance Groups.
  • Expert Witness Testimony for Litigation involving Property Loss Claims.
  • Provide Code Compliance Information for Claims involving New York State Building Codes and Policy Upgrades.
  • Provide Reconstruction Services for Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Historical Structures, including Architectural and Engineering Design.
  • Church Steeple/ Building Reconstruction
  • Historical Fine Artifact Restoration and Iconography Artisans.
  • Oil Spill Investigations
  • Communication Tower Failures

If you have any questions or comments, please call our office. You may call us at (315) 446-8809 or email us directly at  [email protected].